What do we do?

We publish/distribute/sell printed harp music sheet(s) to Canadians.  To be more precise, we publish/distribute/sell work that is mostly available in the US but we also carry the work of many great Canadian composers/arrangers that the US do not have! ;-))


If you are a USA resident and would like to purchase some of the music in our store, you can do so via the Downloads Category but not for printed material.  We encourage you to go visit the artist's personal web sites (Google their names to find it) if you are interested in their work.


Why do we do what we do?

Because we got tired of having to pay 3 to 5 times the cost of the music when ordering online through a US retailer.  The cost of the book, exchange rate, taxes, duty/tariff, shipping & handling totaled way more than was reasonable and we decided to try to help out a bit.

Our Digital Downloads allow us to also offer, to world-wide harpists, some very original, purely Canadian, arrangement/compositions that are available exclusively at Fleur De Lyre Music!


How do we do what we do?

We have a separate agreement with each of the US authors/composers/arrangers to publish/distribute their work of art!!  This allows us, as partners, to setup an arrangement that is profitable for both yet very affordable for the client.  The music is printed locally and shipped at the regular basic rate through Canada Post so the cost is minimized.


Who can benefit from what we do?

Printed music is only available to Canadians.  Sorry, we love all of our worldly harp brothers and sisters, but for us to be able to keep doing what we are doing at a decent price we must limit the shipments to within our border.

All of the Digital Downloads are available to the entire world!!


What can you do if you want to be a member of our family?
If you are a composer/arranger/author of harp music, please contact us and we can chat!