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Fleur de Lyre is the maker/distributor of of the Novice 26 Harp originally designed and made by Don Peddle of Random Sound Music, now produced by Bytown Instruments. Fleur de Lyre can also sometimes facilitate harp sales and rentals in the Ottawa community.


New Salvi Juno 27 Lever Harp


There are many other great retailers in the country who will take pleasure in helping you find your harp soul mate.  Here is a list for reference:

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For Sale by Owners:

* Listings below are sales made by individuals.  Fleur de Lyre is not responsible in any way or form for interactions between the buyers/sellers of harps for this list.  Please contact the seller if you would like more information.



Heartland Harps - Carbon Fiber Harp


2010 - Black Classic model / 38 string carbon fiber harp - Heartland Harp / Delight Model / SN: DEL133

The Delight has 38 strings (going down to A 3 octaves below Middle C), concert spacing and tension and it only weighs 10.6 pounds!

Full Truitt Levers, Case, Gold-plated Hardware and it has a Fishman pickup installed

Strung with Fluocarbon strings and comes with a partial set (no wire bound and a few missing from higher octave set)

$9,000 CDN new not including taxes and shipping from USA.

Contact Chantal at

PS: Cat not included! ;-)


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