250 Short Studies for Harp


250 Short Studies for Harp

250 Short Studies includes 54 right-hand studies (three to a page), 54 left-hand studies (three to a page), 124 hands together studies (two to a page) and 18 one-page solo studies to end the book. In all, there are 116 pages of music, with several pages of instructional text in the front of the book. The studies are melodic. They are not just notes strung together. The book is lap harp friendly, as long as you have C below middle C.

If you have played harp for a while, there are 250 sight-reading opportunities. Looking to progress with your playing? These studies go from easy to intermediate within each section (right hand, left hand, hands together and solo studies).

If you want to learn more about harp fingerings and how to apply them to your playing, this book corners the market. Many of the studies are heavily fingered and bracketed, so that you can begin to see the patterns, and how the rules of placing and harp fingerings apply. The instructional text will help you with this.

All 250 mp3 recordings are free. You can find them on my website (www.cindyblevinsmusic.com). What more could anyone want? Each of the tracks includes a metronome lead-in, so that you can easily play along. Just visit my website, find this book in my learning area, and put the free mp3s in your cart.