36 Original Pieces - Digital Download


Since writing my books Blazing Sunset (32 Original pieces) and 40 Easy Pieces for Harp, I have composed so many more little sweet melodies that a third book, 36 Original Compositions for Harp or Piano, has come about.

This collection, composed for all kinds of harps or for piano, can be played just as you like. Feel free to use your own musical expression in tempo and dynamics and enjoy. You can even combine some pieces to create little Suites: Allemande + Little Fairies + part of Allemande again, or Sonata #2 + Slow Waltz + Ländler #10 or Sonatina #3 + Enchanted Harp. ( Most are on one page, therefore easy to combine.) The additional chord symbols give you the opportunity to be accompanied by another chordal instrument - like a guitar or even another harp. You may also choose to use the chords for your left-hand-accompaniment either in repeats or while accompanying a flutist playing the melody.

Table of Content:  Nocturne # 2 in F / Nocturne # 1 in Am / Allemande # 4 in F / Olivia in Cm / Allemande # 4 in G / Olivia in Bm +D / Ariane in Eb Oriana in Am / Ariane in G Reel # 2 in Bm+D / Arpeggio-Heaven in Bb Rheinländer # 3 in F+Bb / Arpeggio-Heaven in C Slow Waltz in C / Aurelia in C Sonatina # 2 in C+G / Aurora in Eb Sonatina # 3 in Bb+F / Aurora in G Sonatina # 3 in C+G / Blue Shadows in Cm Study # 7 in Am+E / Blue Shadows in Em Verena in Am / Butterflies in C Vöglein i.hohen Baum in C / Carolyn in G Wedding Process. #3 in C+G / Cynthia in Bb / Cynthia in D / Dolores in C / Enchanted Harp in Bb / Enchanted Harp in C / For your Birthday in C+F / Glissening Waves in F / Gothic Cathedral in Cm / Gothic Cathedral in Em / Juanita in G / Ländler # 8 in G / Ländler # 9 in G / Latin Dance # 4 in Am / Ländler # 10 in C+F / Liane in C / Little Fairies in F / Maypole Dance #1 in C+F / Minuet # 10 in D / Minuet # 11 in C+F

For Lever and Pedal harps

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