Ballads and Court Dances of the 16th and 17th Centuries


Debbie Friou put together 47 pages of delightful music for harp ranging to a low E with levers on F and C. Dance explanations included. There are three wire-strung harp tunes in this book: I Long for Thy Virginitie, A Scots Tune and Spyenelit Reforme. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

Table of Contents:
Canarie I, Ladie Anne Gordon's Lilt, Canarie II, A Daunce, Currant, Corne Yairds, Cabot, Scots Tune I, Scots Tune II, Spyenelit Reforme, Almande IV, Gaillarde, Three Ravens, A Jig, Robin, Lady Laiton's Almain, Bransle de la Torche, Bransle de Montirande, Courante CLXXXIII, La Rosette, Courante XCVIII, White Flowers, I Long for Thy Virginitie, A Scots Tune

For Lever and Pedal harps. 

Grade 6 Exam
List A:  Robin / Three Ravens

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