Baroque Music


INTERMEDIATE - For lever and pedal harp.

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Gavotte, Little Prelude, Two Minuets, Polonaise, Sheep May Safely Graze
Buttstedt, Johann Heinrich: Minuet
Clarke, Jeremiah: An Ayre, King William's March, Prince of Denmark's March
Corelli, Arcangelo: Gavotta
Couperin, François: Les Barricades Mysterieuses, Soeur Monique, Troisieme Act
Croft, William: Ground
Dquin, Louis-Claude: The Cuckoo
Handel, Georg Frideric: Air, Air and Variations, Bourree, Chaconne, Fughetta, Gavotte, Hallelujah Chorus, Harmonious Blacksmith, Hornpipe. Impertinence, Largo, Minuet, Passepied, Sarabande, Sonatina
Krieger, Johann: Bourree
Kuhnau, Johann: Aria, Minuet
Mouret, Jean-Joseph: Rondeau
Pachelbel, Johann: Ciacona, Sarabande
Purcell, Henry: Chaconne; Come Ye Sons of Art, Away; Two Hornpipes; Minuet; Rondeau
Rameau, Jean-Philippe: Gigue en Rondeau, La Boiteuse, Le Tambourin, Minuet en Rondeau
Scarlatti, Alessandro: Folia
Telemann, Georg Philip: Two Minuets
Vivaldi, Antonio: "Spring" Concerto (First Movement), "Spring" Concerto (Third Movement), "Winter" Concert (Largo)
Witt, Christian Friedrich: Passacaglia

Grade 4 Exam
List A:  Gavotte (Bach)
            Minuet en rondeau (Rameau)

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