Blazing Sunset - Digital Download


Here is a new book of charming original tunes!  The melodies are simply lovely.  There is a good variety of styles – lyric, dance, and bluesy.  Written to be enjoyed by all harpists, those who have a 5-octave lever harp tuned in Eb will be delighted with the tunes in flat keys.  More than half are in Eb, the rest are in C or G.  The music is intermediate, some lower intermediate.  This book can be used as background music, for self enjoyment, and also could be a very good teaching tool.  The chords are marked so another instrument can play along.  The music has spirit!

Table of Contents:
Anniversary Dance / Autumn Morning / Birthday Landler / Blazing Sunset / Dance Study  # 3 / Dance Study # 4 / Dartford Polka / El Nino / Fly Away / Glass Harp / Group Dance / Harp Waltz  # 2 / In Nomine / Lament in C Minor / Landler # 4 / Latin Dance  # 2 / Memorial for Elmar / Minuet      # 3 /   
Misty Morning / Morning Dew / My Delight / Pastorale / Processional in F / Processional in G / Rambling / Shooting Stars / Rheinlander Dance / Silvalein / Study  # 4 / Thunderstorm / Under the Catalpa Tree / Waltz for Anika
For Lever and Pedal harps

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