Body Mind and Music


Music affects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music. Laurie discusses our cultural relationship with music, how the brain learns it, how we practice it, how we perform it, how we listen to it, how we teach it, and finally, how it is used in purposely therapeutic ways.

This is a revised and updated edition (2010) incorporating the addition two of Laurie's previous books: Nothing Less Than Your Best and The Art of Teaching. 

A complete guide for all musicians, including Music and the Brain, Music is a Language, Practice As Passion, Aural, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning, Overcoming Blocks to Musical Progress, The Five ways of Learning , Basic Music Terminology, Key Changes and the Succession of 5ths, Music as Therapy, Improvisational Music, Beneficial Resonant Frequencies, and much more! 134 pages.