Caoineadh na dTri Muire


"O Peter, Apostle, have you seen my bright love?"

"I saw him just now in the hands of his enemies."

The title of this song, "Caoineadh na dTrí Muire," means "Keen (Lament) of the Three Marys," but in fact it is about the sorrows of only one - the Virgin Mary - at the Crucifixion. "O who is that fine man on the tree of suffering?" "Can it be you do not know your son, little mother?" Very beautiful and deeply moving, this version includes the original Gaelic words and an accurate, very singable English translation - 6 verses in each language - as well as the melody for voice, chord symbols, and arrangement for the harp. The sheet music is 8½" x 11", 4 pages. Easy to intermediate.

For Lever or Pedal harps