Classics at Your Fingertips - Book 4 - Digital Download


"Classics at Your Fingertips" is a series for introducing harp to adult beginners.

Book 4 accompanies Technique at Your Fingertips Book 4 which focuses on crossovers, ornamentation, pedals and levers, etc. The repertoire selected includes music from the harp repertoire, classical repertoire, including works by historical women composers, various folk traditions, and original compositions.

Originally intended for teaching materials for adult beginners, it is designed to teach harp to anyone regardless of musical background and ability. All music is taken from classical harp repertoire, pieces based on harp traditions from around the world, and original compositions. The book includes transitions easily made while learning the instrument.  More advanced than the first three books and introduces crossing over and special techniques. Some of the same excerpts recur with added complexity to aid in the learning process by introducing new concepts in familiar contexts. Includes simple fingerings, and some explanations.

Table of Contents:

Siciliano, Italian Concerto (Bach), Sonatina (Clementi), Footprints in the Snow, Reverie (Debussy), Sakura, Ecuadorian Meditation, Variation on a Swiss Air, The Storyteller, Sonata Themes (C.P.E. Bach), Solitary Flowers, Concerto for flute and harp (Mozart), Adantino Espressivo, Psaume from the Church at Geneva.

For Lever and Pedal harps

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