Classics at Your Fingertips - Book 5

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"Classics at Your Fingertips" is a series for introducing harp to adult beginners.

Book 5 accompanies Technique at Your Fingertips Book 5.  The repertoire selected includes music from the harp repertoire, classical repertoire, including works by historical women composers, various folk traditions, and original compositions.

The repertoire selected includes transcriptions from piano, guitar, and cello classical repertoire, including works by historical women composers. The arrangement have focused primarily on making it possible to play these on lever harp, but these include pedal markings as well. Some of the choices of note division between the hands reflects the requirements of the lever harp. Some of the works here have not yet been transcribed for lever harp. 

Praeludium from cello suite no. 1 by J. S. Bach (complete)
Solfeggietto by C.P.E.Bach (complete)
Ave Maria by Charles Gounad (complete)
Les Canaries by Francois Couperin (slightly modified)
Spinning Song by Albert Ellmenrich (slightly modified)
Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven (slightly modified)
Impromptu by Franz Schubert (first section)
Romanza by Anonymous (complete)
Arabesque by Claude Debussy (excerpted)
To A Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell (complete)
Canoeing by Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (complete)
Asturias by Isaac Albania (middle section modified)

For Lever and Pedal harps