Colors of Italy


Some of his most beautiful melodies ever. Truly inspired, these compositions can be used for any type of situation:  for yourself, for healing music, for background music, for recitals.  The music is not difficult, but the left hand does require some crossing over and under. True to the Italian flavor, some of the melodies incorporate triplet and mordent ornamentation.  You'll need a full size lever harp or pedal harp to play these tunes.  There are a few lever changes, but with just a little practice they will go smoothly. Gentle and flowing, you'll find a lyric right hand melody supported by lush chords.  Some fingerings are included.  The music has been edited by Mary Radspinner.  All music either in C or G. The final tune, All the Colors of Rome, a 5-minute plus performance piece, is gorgeous.  Intermediate level

Table of Content:  Bellagio Blue, Warm Sienna, Sicilian Scarlet, Tuscan Gold, Venetian Red, Naples Yellow, Vatican Violet, All the Colors of Rome.

For Lever or Pedal Harps

Listen to the songs in this book, played by Mary Radspinner, on this video: