Dragons and Dinosaurs


Here’s a book that will inspire and delight both student and teacher!!  There are pictures that can be colored in, and very easy songs (with words) revolving around the ever popular dragon and dinosaur idea. This book will have the kids wanting to practice! The tunes are very easy – great for the very beginner. And each tune has a musical concept the teacher can briefly touch on to reinforce theory. The tunes also have an accompaniment that can be played by teacher or older sister or brother. An excellent supplement for any teacher of young students, and wonderful teaching material. BEGINNER

Table of Content: Glowing Orbs in Darkness, Baby Brontosaur Blues, T-Rex, Whispering Wings, Triceratops Waltz, Happy Chinese New Year!!, Hiding, Hannah's Dragon, The Lost World, Come Out and Play, Dragon Treasure. 

For Lever and Pedal Harp