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Nine Irish -flavored songs to add a different flavor to your stash. Across the Sea from Ireland, an anthem to the Irish immigration to America, is in the key of G in 4/4 with two verses of lyrics. The Mist of Donegal is a lovely, simple melody in 4/4, key of C. Someday is dedicated to Mr. Mahan's father, key of C, 4/4 time, with one verse of lyrics. Dreams of Bantry Bay is in C, 4/4 meter, and has a lovely melody with a jig at the end. I Want to Go With You is a soulful and lilting melody in G in 6/8 with a jig tag. Danny Boy is an easy arrangement in D. Song From a Hymn is a very nice arrangement of St. Columba in the key of D and would make a great offertory or prelude. Green Hills of Clare is in the key of D in 6/8 with a G-sharp lever change, three verses of lyrics. Black Irish is in A minor in 6/8, a fun tune to play with a Spanish feel and some tricky rhythms.

Table of Contents: Across the Sea from Ireland, The Mist of Donegal, Someday, Dreams of Bantry Bay, I Want to Go With You, Danny Boy, Song From a Hymn, St. Columba, Green Hills of Clare, Black Irish


For Lever and Pedal Harps