Forever In Love With Horses


Eight original compositions created especially for the young harp student with the goal of teaching good technique. These tunes also can  hold their interest with very creative and fun melodies! The Andalusian has glissandos, PDLT and lots of triads in various forms. The Arabian is an easy one with a few triplets. Riding Sunflower is a cheerful waltz teaching scales, inversions, and arpeggios. The Horse In My Dreams is a gentle piece in 3/4 teaching expressive right hand and left hand rolled chords. Irish Pony is a spirited 4/4 piece with lots of drones played in different octaves as eighths and quarters. Old Paint has that very western trail riding theme kids will love. The Silver Unicorn is a stately 6/8 piece which teaches inversions and dotted 8ths and 16ths. This one would make a great recital piece. Prancing Pony Rag is a lighthearted jovial piece with a lively feel that doesn't need to be played quickly. Excellent teaching pieces.

Table of Contents: The Andulusian, The Arabian, Riding Sunflower, The Horse in my Dreams, Irish Pony, Old Paint, The Silver Unicorn, Prancing Pony Rag