Gentle Spirit - Bargain Basement Beauty

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Previously enjoyed. In very good condition. Some pencil notations for fingerings have been added.

Probably one of Semmann's best books.  Beautiful tunes that flow easily under the fingers!

Seven original songs, ethereal and lovely melodies, good for background music and perfect for music therapy. Right hand plays mostly single notes and a few chords, left hand is full and usually moving. There is a bit of syncopation in a couple of tunes. Keys of Bb (two flats), Eb (three flats), G (one sharp), E (four sharps), C, and D (two sharps). A full range lever harp tuned to Eb is recommended. No lever changes in the pieces. ADVANCED BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE 

Table of Contents:
Sereno, Sentito, Con Calore, Teneramente, Volante, Semplice, Vago

For Lever and Pedal Harps