Guardian Angel for Lap Harp - MP3


Guardian Angel, Lap Harp Edition - MP3 is a companion download of all the audio tracks for the Guardian Angel for Lap Harp book. The book (sold separately) and MP3 includes these song titles:

Songs in this book are: Half of the Whole, Grandfather Clock, Sunlight, Time Goes By, Watching Grass Grow, Sunshine Day, Grasshopping, Dragonfly, Melancholy, Butterfly, Drift Away, Sunrise, Clock Watching, Last Dance, Sunflower Field, Slow Dance, Dewdrop Waltz, Joyful, Sundown Soliloquy, Skye Dancer, Soaring, Dance of the Spring Fawn, Fall of Leaves, The Garden Swing, Together Forever, The Voice Inside, Guardian Angel and The Story of Summer.