Latin American Harps History, Music and Techniques


Written with all harpists and harpers in mind -- pedal and non-pedal, beginner or advanced, student or professional. Includes information on the harps of Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, and special techniques. 

Third Edition, Revised and Updated. Easy to Advanced levels.

Seis por derecho
Llano (Plains)
Pasaje numero uno
El rio (The River)
Una luz en el mar (A Light in the Sea)
Atardecer (Sunset)
Theme from "Suite to Luzma"
18 de octubre (18 of October)
Che valle mi Yaguaron (My Valley Yaguaron)
3 de mayo (May 3rd)
Nda recoi la culpa (It's Not My Fault)
Pajaro Campana (Bell Bird)
Galopa from "Suite to Luzma"
La Guabina