Meditation on a Fallen Leaf - Digital Download


"Meditation on a Fallen Leaf" for harp and horn in F (or cello), is a musical expression of rebirth.

The piece is based on two themes which come together in the final section, the form being A B AB. Sweeping arpeggios in the harp at the opening suggest gusts of wind. The first theme is presented in an unstable, colorful, asymmetrical musical language, much like the aesthetics of Fall. The theme is presented in fragments at first, evolving into its entirety.
The B section presents the second theme using delicate, steady rhythmic ostinati in the harp. The theme is developed through extension in long, lyrical horn phrases that are reminiscent of the wandering path of a leaf as it is rocked by the wind on its gentle descent, or of the ethereal dance of a plant growing towards the warmth of the sun. There is a brief recalling of the opening material that leads into the theme, presented with strength and warmth in the horn, supported by robust chords from the harp.
This is concluded with the delicate closing section in which both themes are restated as a passing memory of the descent of a seeded leaf on the wind, to its ascent towards the sky as new life.
This piece is intended for advanced level performers. 37 pages.
Playing time:10 minute duration.

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