Melodic Meditations for Lap Harp Vol. 2 - Digital Download


Melodic Meditations for Lap Harp Vol. 2 is a lovely book of original pieces for you and your harp. You need a harp with C below middle C and at least 24 strings to play these pieces. There is also a lever/pedal harp version of this book available.

Songs are: A Special Someone, Twilight of Years, An Independent Spirit, Not Really Gone, Ten in the Morning, The Vigil, Of Love and Loss, Missing You Missing Me, The Sun Always Rises and Be Seeing You.

The book contains 20 pages of music. The music varies from early intermediate to advanced intermediate, with most of the music falling somewhere in between. This book is about Cindy's relationship with a loved one, and dealing with her death. There is text (and stories) at the beginning of this book.