ModeUlations - Digital Download


ModeUlations is a book of pieces using modes and exotic scales. It contains 32 pages of music, along with four pages of text (descriptions and scales of the various modes used). The playing level is approximately intermediate.

The harp solos are each two pages long. There are nine solos for lap harp (range of C below middle C and 24-26 strings). Seven of these are also arranged for larger harp. In some cases, I changed the key of the piece for the larger arrangement. Obviously, larger harps can play the entire book, while lap harps can play the nine "lap harp" versions.

Song titles are: Absence, Aoleo, Dominoes, Dorianation, Gypsy Fantasy, Impossibilities, Leap Phrog, Mind Over Minor and Minor Malady. Many of the songs are done both for regular harp and lap harp in this book (which is why there are 16 solos in the book and only 9 song titles.