Northern Lights: Christmas Collection - Digital Download


Joanne quite enjoyed arranging these carols. They follow the format of her earlier Northern Lights: International Collection in that Harp 1 can be played as a solo while Harp 2 enjoys a tuneful accompaniment.

Here are some things she’d like you to know about these arrangements:

  • They are in the harp friendly keys of C, G, D, F, B♭.
  • The carols have been kept in keys suitable for singing.
  • They have two or more verses, the first one usually more accessible.
  • There are occasional lever flips, but all are creatively incorporated with ample time provided for setting and cancelling. All carols are playable on the pedal harp.
  • The arrangements are grouped in such a way that one could play them from the beginning of the book to the end as a recital program.
  • Page turns for hard copy and tablet users have been creatively facilitated.
  • Suggested fingers are optional, but try them before dismissing them. There is method to the madness. “A harp piece well-fingered almost plays itself.”


For Lever Harp (Suitable for small harps)

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