Oro, ‘sE Do Bheatha Abhaile


"Welcome home, O my gracious lady,  Now at the start of summer!"

"Óró, ‘sÉ Do Bheatha Abhaile" is about Gráinne Mhaol, or Grace O'Malley, the sea-queen of Connacht who lived in the 16th century, and it probably dates from Gráinne's own lifetime. It is a song welcoming her home after a time when she was held captive by the English. "Welcome home, woman who was mournful. O, our grief that you were in fetters! All your realm in the hands of strangers..." The sheet music includes the original Gaelic words and an English translation that is faithful to the original meaning, rhyme, and meter, and is easy to sing (3 verses in each language), along with the melody, chords, and arrangement for the lever or pedal harp. The music is 4 pages long, 8½" x 11".   Easy to intermediate.

For Lever or Pedal harps