Perceptions, Lap Harp Version


Perceptions, Lap Harp Version is a funky book I wrote based upon modal and exotic scales. This book contains 14 original lap harp-friendly harp pieces written in modes and exotic scales, in 42 pages. You need C below middle C and 22-24 strings. Two of the pieces require levers on G strings.

Songs are: Dilemma, Illogy, Koala Dreams, Lullaby, Lydian Lilt, Mixin' It Up, Osodorian, Over Easy, Perceptions, Pheelin' Phrygian, Rain Drops, The Tide, Two in the Mornin' and Walking In Circles.

The book includes both a two-page harp piece and a one-page "fake book format" sheet for each song. It also contains four pages of text about modes. There is also a version of this book available arranged for larger harps.