Pieces Classiques / Classical Pieces - Volume 5


Scarlatti Sonata en do, Scarlatti Sonate en G, J.C.Bach Presto, Arne Presto - Naderman Rondoletto from Sonate 1, Bochsa Rondo, Chopin 2nd Mazurka, Godefroid Etude.


Table of Contents:
Sonata en do (Scarlatti), Sonate en sol (Scarlatti), Presto (Bach), Presto (Arne), Rondoletto from Sonate 1 (Naderman), Rondo (Bochsa), 2nd Mazurka (Chopin), Etude (Godefroid).

Grade 8 Exam
List A:  Sonate en sol
            Sonate en do
List B:  Rondo

Grade 9 Exam
List B:  Etude
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