Plucky Bunny's Harp Adventures - Book 1


"Plucky Bunny's Harp Adventures" is the perfect series for the young student beginning harp
lessons. It is ideally suited to Kindergarten through early elementary level students, and covers
the beginning level topics in technique and music theory. Each book contains finger exercises,
children's songs with texts, fun music theory lessons and worksheets, and even some
composition projects!
The books are paced similarly to the predominant piano methods available for young students.

Book 1 contains pre-reading material to stabilize rhythm and string names before moving too
quickly into the staff. The end of book 1 and book 2 contain note names in some noteheads,
gradually being removed by the end of book 3. This allows the student to play more pieces each
week that are comfortable to read and play correctly each time. For additional note-reading
reinforcement, check out "Plucky Bunny's Silly Staff Songs", which can accompany Book 3.

By the end of Book 3 students can read from the grand staff, play with all four fingers necessary
for harp technique, and have learned about triads, inversions, major scales, and generic interval
names. This series can be used as a primer set before beginning another harp method.