Traditional Irish Tunes Arranged for Harp - Volume 1


17 Irish tunes from the traditional repertoire arranged by Irish harpist, Gráinne Hambly. Many are from her Between the Showers CD. Three tunes have two arrangements: one with just the basic melody in the right hand, and another with traditional ornamentation added. Comparing the two versions will give you a sense of how different types of ornamentation can be used to enhance a basic melody. The pieces are in C or sharp keys with some fingerings, and no lever changes. 48 pages. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED

Table of contents: A Fig for A Kiss I & II, The Blackthorn Stick I & II, The Boys of Town, The Glass of Beer, The Star of Munster, The Tailor's Twist I & II, Cooleys Hornpipe, The Blackbird, Eleanor Plunket, Madge Malone, McIntyre's Fancy, O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick, Flying to the Fleadh, Cribs of Perches, Garrett Barry's Reel, The Bucks of Oranmore, Soft Mild Morning