Sketches for Harpist Beginners


Previously published in 2 volumes.

This is a great book by Carlos Salzedo for beginning harpists for pedal and lever harp as there are no pedal changes.


Table of Contents:

Rock Me, Mommy / Imitation / Echo / Huntsman's Horns / Lost in the Mist / Hurdy-gurdy / Poor Doggy / Tuneful Snuff-box /
Pagan Rite / Beethoven at School / The Organist's First Steps / A Young Violinist / Falling Leaves / Royal Trumpeters / A Lonely Bell / Baby on the Swing / Mourners / Pierrot Is Sad / On the Tight Rope / Choral

Grade 4 Exam

List B:  Tuneful Snuff Box
            Baby on the Swing

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