Sweeping the Clouds Away


15 original compositions for the harp. Includes one duet. These tunes are great for therapy work, performances, weddings, or just to play in your own living room. The tunes are arranged to facilitate memorization. Sharon uses some consistent methods of arranging using left hand patterns that often repeat in other sections of the piece. There are 6 tunes in the key of C, 4 in G, 2 in D, 2 in F and 1 in Eb. There are lever changes in only two of these tunes. 49 pages BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE

Table of contents: God's Garden, Sweet Serenade, Sweepin' the Clouds Away, Summer Rain, Birds of Blue Ridge (solo and duet version), The Last Leaves of Autumn, Harpeggio, The Promise, Winter Waterfall, September Sunrise, Mayne Island Waltz, Easy Pickin's, Between the Thorns, On the Wing and AT-etude.