The Beginner Ensemble Book (BegEnz) - Digital Download


The Beginner Harp Ensemble Book

24 traditional and original tunes of beginner to early intermediate rounds, duets and trios.  Some are arranged specifically to be taught in a group workshop of beginner to intermediate students and are able to be paced to suit all levels of playing within the group.  Student and teacher duets also.
In the keys of C, F, G and D major with simple, clear page layout. 50 pages. Full score and individual parts included.

For Lever or Pedal harps

Table of Conten
Rounds:  Oh, How Sweet / Beaux Yeux / Alleluia / Come Lets Dance / For Thy Gracious Blessing / Ding Dong

‘Workshopping’ Tunes:  Laride (Breton) / Song of the Chanter (Irish) / The New Harp (Welsh) / Loch Erin Shore (Irish) / Ma Navu (Jewish) / Sean Bui (Irish) / Suo Gan (Welsh)

Original Duets for beginners:  Sea and Sand / Spring / Fairy Bells / The Boat House

Traditional Tunes:  I Gave My Love a Cherry (English) Duet / I Know Where I’m Going (Irish) Quartet / Au Clair de la Lune (French) Trio

Two Part Carols:  Infant Holy (Polish) / A New Noel (French - Noel Nouvelet) / Unto Us a Son is Born (French - Il est né) / Apple Tree Wassail (English)

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