The Enchanted Sea - Digital Download


A wonderful collection of songs to be played as duets by teacher and student.  Very creative - beautiful, romantic, new age, a little jazzy and more.  All titles revolve around a folk theme, such as mermaids, sea horses, and more.  Wonderful music for all ages.   Harp 2 is the more difficult part.  Harp 1 is presented both in the grand staff, and in a single staff for melody instruments.  It is your choice who wants to play harp 1 -could be harp or could be melody instrument.

For Lever and Pedal harps

Table of Content:

Castles in the Sand , Encantado, Kraken, Mami Wata, Merrymaids, Phantom Ship, Sea Horses
Selkie Dance, Water Faeries, The Wave's Lullaby. Giant sea monsters, mermaids, partying dolphins. 

Listen to sample music from this book on this YouTube Video:


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