The Healer's Way Companion - Volume 1


Soothing Music for Those in Pain. At the beginning of this book is a clear definition of healing music, different types of healing music and how music may affect the listener. Each score is musically analyzed to indicate the therapeutic possibilities. The reader learns how the healing musician can be guided when observing the different types of pain, including physical, emotional and spiritual. This healing music book is for all levels of musicians, and can be especially useful for healthcare professionals, musicians, and volunteers already in the healthcare arena. INTERMEDIATE

Table of Contents:
Victimae Paschali, Foggy Dew, Kyrie, Muse For My Brother, Sospitati Debit Ergos, Loch Na Garr, Salva Nos Stella Maris, Dum Estas Inchoatur, A Chant Setting, Jubilemus Exultemus, Oruco An Ceo.

For Lever and Pedal Harps