Traditional Irish Tunes Arranged for Harp - Volume II


18 Irish tunes from the traditional repertoire arranged by Irish harpist, Gráinne Hambly. Many are from her Golden Lights and Green Shadows CD. Three tunes have two arrangements: one with just the basic melody in the right hand, and another with traditional ornamentation added. Comparing the two versions will give you a sense of how different types of ornamentation can be used to enhance a basic melody. The pieces range in keys from 1 flat to 2 sharps, with some fingerings, and no lever changes. 45 pages. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED

Table of contents: The Walls of Liscarroll I & II, Aoibhneas Eilis Ui Cheallaigh, The Lietrim Quickstep, Nellie Your Favour I'm Afraid I'll Not Gain, The Humours of Scariff, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn I & II, Gallagers Frolics, Celia Connellan I & II  The Rectory Reel, Jackson's Night Cap or "Strike the Gay Harp", Martin Hardiman's, Clare Island Boat Song, The Hills of Coore, Paddy Mill;s Hornpipe, Kitty Magennis, Henry MacDermott Roe, Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh, The Whistling Postman